IAUA provides a forum and networking for urologists of Indian descent, to meet, share and foster professional and cultural advancement.

Annual membership with IAUA includes:

  • Scientific Meeting. An excellent scientific program is planned each year at the spring IAUA meeting held in conjunction with the American Urological Association's Annual Meeting (your input is welcome).
  • Network of Experts. Access to the IAUA website and members only section to network with other IAUA members and experts in urology.
  • Eligibility for three outstanding grants programs:
    1. The AUA/IAUA Chakrobortty Fellowship Program
    2. The IAUA/Sakti Das /Urology Care Foundation Research Award
    3. The IAUA/Kailash Kedia/Urology Care Foundation Research Award
  • Career Advice. Have a question for an expert, but don't know who to ask? Send a message to us and we will do the research. Have a career related or practice question that needs an answer? Contact us. We are here to help you with any professional concerns you may have.
  • Discounted registration for the IAUA Annual Banquet

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For questions or concerns please contact:

IAUA Member Services
Phone: (410) 689-3950
Fax: (410) 689-3825

President’s Message

Harcharan Singh Gill, MDIt is a great honor for me to lead the IAUA for the next two years. We had a very successful CME meeting at the AUA in San Diego as well as a Board of Directors and Membership meeting. We are in a stable fiscal state, and currently managed well by the AUA. Our 2016 Chakrobortty Fellows were outstanding, as are our two Urology Care Foundation Fellowship scholars. The IAUA stands proudly as a major ally of the AUA, thanks largely due to our past Presidents and Secretaries, as well as the current AUA Secretary.

The IAUA Board has long term goal of educational exchange shared between us and the Urologic Society of India. This journey began many years ago and I am certain that we will continue to excel in our mission. We are well-positioned to expand our educational exchange programs owing to philanthropy from our membership.  Dr. Kailash Kedia’s generous donation for the Urology Care Foundation has set a high standard and example for us to follow. Our relationship with the USI has been strong; the close collaboration between the IAUA and USI is now forming the cornerstone of increased educational exchange programs with India. These programs will help advance our mission of education and patient care, to ultimately better serve our communities locally and globally. As I begin this journey, I want to do my best to create and nurture connections between urologists in the USA and their colleagues in India at all stages of their career: training, community practice, academia and beyond.

A major challenge that remains is to continue increasing our membership, which will fortify the strength and long-term survival of our organization. Immigrant Indian urologists built the foundation of the IAUA and we must now expand to invite American urologists of Indian heritage. This is a substantial and important group that the IAUA will tap into over the next few years.

I and the Board will keep the membership abreast of all actions, activities, issues and challenges that affect the IAUA through email and our website. We feel that this is crucial to building a sense of engagement and involvement in each of our missions.

I want to thank Chandru Sundaram, Past President, for his tireless work over the last two years, and the current Board members for their support. I truly look forward working with them for the next two years. Our CME committee also deserves a special vote of gratitude for their outstanding work.  Drew Shifflet and his team have worked behind the scenes to manage our organization and also bring excellence to our CME meeting.

I am grateful for the tremendous input and valuable help that I have received from the Board over the years and look forward to building upon this relationship in my new role. I value and look forward to any feedback from the membership. My email is


Harcharan Singh Gill, MD
IAUA President